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Intelligent sensor software development is challenging because it requires skills significantly beyond those needed to design standard desktop software. Hardware resources are usually customized and limited, systems must respond to events reliably and within a very tight timeframe, and the application often must perform specialized signal processing algorithms. PC-based software that interfaces to these systems also must meet demanding data throughput specifications that require extremely efficient architecture design and coding.

Real-Time by Design, LLC specializes in firmware development for intelligent sensing systems based on the Microchip dsPIC™ digital signal controller and in the creation of PC-based user interface software to gather, display, and record data generated by intelligent sensing systems.

Microchip dsPIC™ DSC Firmware Development

Real-Time by Design developers have extensive experience designing electronic sensor hardware, hard real-time software, and PC-based user interfaces to communicate with intelligent sensors and external systems. This deep knowledge translates into better products, faster design cycles, reduced debugging time, and quicker delivery of the final product to the marketplace.

Algorithm Design

One of the key aspects of any intelligent sensor is the quality of of the algorithms it employs to analyze the parameter(s) of interest. The company's developers have years of experience creating commercially successful processing algorithms in a diverse range of applications from financial document verification to process monitoring and control in manufacturing settings. These algorithms include

  • digital filtering
  • feature extraction
  • controls (PID, heuristic, X-by-wire)
  • bootloaders

Communication Protocol Implementation

In addition, Real-Time by Design has extensive experience designing and implementing communication protocols, including

  • CAN
  • I2C
  • RS232, RS422, RS485
  • SPI
  • TCP/IP
  • USB

Graphical User Interface Development

The company also creates PC-based graphical user interfaces (GUIs) that can be used to acquire and store data from intelligent sensing systems using standard serial, USB, CAN, and TCP/IP interfaces. Implemented with the Trolltech Qt™ framework, these interfaces are powerful, intuitive, and extremely portable across major operating systems.

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